Dog Groomers Melbourne

Dog Groomers Victoria Melbourne

Below are some hand picked and customer referred dog groomers, from Melbourne and surrounding Victorian suburbs.

Hair of the Dog Melton

Hair of the dog melton Where dog grooming is an experience

Let our award winning groomers take care of the dirty work to pamper and fuss over your fur baby.

We manicure every hair into place to have your prince or princess looking their best.

All of our clients receive the royal service with a pedicure, full massaging bath consisting of two lathering shampoos and conditioner with top quality products rinsed clean with a nagayu spa treatment, blow wave and set with a full brush through and a trim and styling for those with a little more coat than is desired followed by our famous Facebook photo with an ever changing backdrop.

The Pup Maven Dog Grooming

Award winning groomer, trained & competed internationally.

Pochi Dog Grooming Salon

Hair of the dog melton Where dog grooming is an experience

Pochi Dog Grooming Salon Melbourne Victoria

Pochi Dog Grooming Salon enhances the fur’s hygiene and appearance. A pet needs to be groomed not only to make the hugs more pleasant or get ready for a show. It’s also an important procedure that maintains well-being and quality of pet’s life. It is not easy to perform a full groom at home.

Pochi Dog Grooming Salon staff members have the professional supplies. After grooming, the animal looks and feels better, and its owner keeps fur off the clothing.

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