Leave-in Conditioner for Cavoodles & Moodles 250ml

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Mycavoodle conditioner is the best cavoodle conditioner for cavoodle & moodles puppies and dogs on the market.

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Why is mycavoodle conditioner wash different & the best for cavoodles and moodles?

mycavoodle leave-in conditioner is made with natural and gentle ingredients that is a hydrating serum that works like a mask or cologne for use on wet or dry cavoodle & moodles coats leaving it soft, moisturised and smelling fresh like a tropical oasis between washes

With aloe vera, vitamin e, camellia oil and coconut oil in our conditioner your cavoodles / moodles coat will be left shiny after every wash for a salon-quality finish.

Mycavoodle conditioner is the best cavoodle conditioner for cavoodle & moodles puppies and dogs on the market.

Proudly Australian made by elite chemists in Sydney, mycavoodle conditioner was formulated with cavoodle & moodles coats front of mind to soften any matting and knots.

We know this breed can also suffer from dry, flaky and itchy skin that’s why our mycavoodle shampoo is:

  • pH balanced for cavoodles / moodles
  • Safe to use on puppies
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • Contain No sulphates
  • Contain No parabens
  • Plant-based
  • Soap & tear-free


When developing our mycavoodle shampoo & conditioner we were adamant about creating a formula that was as natural as possible, without compromising on quality.

That is why our formula contains the following key natural and coconut-based ingredients:

water, polyquaternium 7 (helps detangle hair and keep it soft), d-panthenol (also known as vitamin b5, for long-lasting moisture and soothe redness), cetyl stearyl alcohol & behentrimonium chloride (coconut-based conditioning agents helps soften and strengthen hair), isoamyl laurate (helps detangle coat), camellia oil, preservative (to stop germ growth), pomegranate fragrant oil, vitamin e, aloe vera, beta glucan (oat-based moisturiser).



Can either be used on a wet or dry coat.

Wet: generously apply enough conditioning serum in your hands and rub through your cavoodles coat. No need to mix with water, it will not create a lather. Leave in as long as possible to soften coat. Wash out after 2 minutes. Can be applied to the coat again before drying or after.

Dry coat: perfect to use between washes, no water needed, just rub through hands and massage into your cavoodles dry or smelly coat. Brush through and leave in to keep them smelling like a tropical oasis.


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leave in conditioner for cavoodles dog groomingLeave-in Conditioner for Cavoodles & Moodles 250ml
$29.99 inc GST

Availability: In stock

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