Puppy Everyday Cologne Spray 100ml

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Coconut and pomegranate everyday cologne spray perfect for your cavoodle or moodle. This beautiful smelling perfume that conditions, detangles and leaves our cavoodles and Moodles coats smelling like a tropical oasis. Hope you’re ready to say goodbye to that dreaded “doggy” smell!

It can be used on your cavoodle’s and moodle’s wet or dry coats leavings it soft and shiny, perfect for day trip outings to the beach or to quickly freshen up their coat when it gets a bit smelly! As the name says you can use it as an everyday spray or a couple times a week if preferred.


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Everyday Cologne Spray 100mlPuppy Everyday Cologne Spray 100ml
$24.99 inc GST

Availability: In stock

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