Frequently Asked Questions


Homestead Puppies

Yes, they are tested through Orivet for all breed specific genetic diseases.

No, you can site this at your puppy viewing, Due to keeping my information secure.

No, Homestead puppies is a licenced breeder with a Domestic animal business number #BR116204, we are Audited regularly through our local council, and must adhere to strict laws and regulations.

Yes, for all my puppy’s owners, when possible, we encourage all of our families to come down and meet our puppies in person before making the big decision. It’s a great way to get an idea of your puppy’s personality you will get to meet your puppy’s mother, their father is a stud in which we do not own, you can see his photo on the mums & studs tab.

Yes, 3 Years Health Guarantee. Our puppies leave with a clean bill of health through our vets.

Your puppy will not come spayed/neutered, as they are far too immature. It’s best to discuss this with your puppies’ vet usually this is around 4-6 months of age.

Please visit our inclusions tab for more information.

I’m here after your puppy leaves, for you to contact me whether it be weeks, months or years later.

Your puppy will not be fully trained as they are still physically and mentally immature at eight weeks, they will be familiar with the crate training method and command words.

The price is reflective on the current market/ season, colouring and gender.

The Stud we currently use is a purebred toy poodle, but in fact this doesn’t determine the matured size of your cavoodle, each puppy is unique within a litter and they can all vary in height and weight.

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